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Learn to play an instrument in a group class or private lessons at our studio on Chicago's Northside. Our teachers engage each student to inspire a love of learning music with enthusiasm! 

Our teachers are especially adept at introducing beginners and leading them through to more advanced levels.

SIGN-UP for a trial class or lesson that fits your schedule! Learn more about each class below.

Class descriptions

Feel the Beat_edited.jpg

Meet the Beat

Building on what kids have learned in Music Together classes, 4 to 7 year-olds explore rhythm and pitch through playful activities using a variety of percussion instruments. Kids experience how the beat feels in their bodies through creative movement and how it sounds by singing intervals in Solfege—do, re, mi, fa sol! Improvisation is the name of the game as we build a solid musical foundation that will support growth into private instruction in any instrument. This is a drop-off class.


Meet the Ukulele

Ukulele is a great introductory instrument for little hands. This 45-minute group class for children ages 4 to 7 teaches your child proper uke playing position, how to tune their uke, the C-Major chord family as well as hello, goodbye and other songs they can play and sing. Tuition includes a ukulele!


Meet the Violin

This 45-minute group class for children ages 3 to 6 offers them a taste of the violin with musical games, crafts, skill development and performance in a recital at the end of the semester. There’s no need to rent an instrument because each child crafts a box violin that they use to learn about its parts and how to handle it safely. A wooden bow is provided to learn proper bow technique. Parental attendance is required if the child is not fully potty trained. Offered Fall & Spring Semesters.

Piano kids group class

Meet the Piano

Children ages 3-5 explore pitch, rhythm, and patterns as they build foundational skills that prepare them to be successful at playing the piano. During this 45-minute weekly drop-off class, students will participate in creative movements to help build their technique and finger dexterity. Playful games and chants introduce them to ideas that lead to understanding keyboard geography and concepts of high vs low, loud vs soft, and slow vs fast.


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