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dancing with baby toddler

  making music foundations

Non-profit organization   supporting early

    childhood music

      education in Chicago

We believe...


that all children are musical and can learn to sing in tune, keep a beat and participate in the music of our culture, provided their early environment supports such learning. Making Music Foundations endeavors to provide 

Check out the love our families have given us!
 Mary Chaisson
Founder’s Notes 


Music has always been a big part of my life. When I was growing up I clearly remember my brothers playing their rock albums non-stop; my sister performing in an award-winning choir during high school; my dad whistling along to pop music stations every time we were in his van; my mom singing full-voice at church services; the whole family learning popular line dances in the living room on weekends. This was my youth!  


When my son was born, I instinctively sang to him. I searched for music classes and lessons that satisfied my desire to expose him to a variety of complex, unusual musical styles in the joyful family atmosphere that I experienced. Merry Music Makers became the fruition of that search.


MMM is an extension of the musical family environment I grew up in. From our early childhood music classes to our private lessons and our summer camp, we aim to inspire every family to create a joyful, musical environment in their home with their children.

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