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Where this all began...

Music has always been a big part of my life. When I was growing up I clearly remember my brothers playing their rock albums non-stop; my sister performing in an award-winning choir during high school; my dad whistling along to pop music stations every time we were in his van; my mom singing full-voice at church services; the whole family learning popular line dances in the living room on weekends. This was my youth!

As a young girl, I was always singing. Singing in the shower, singing along with my Barbra Streisand Albums, singing in choir, harmonizing with my brothers in the car. In 4th grade, I started band in school and played the alto sax for the next 3 years. Then I got involved in concert choir and the school musicals in high school. It’s no coincidence that I then chose Musical Theatre as my major in college.

When my son was born, I instinctively sang to him. I searched for music classes and lessons that satisfied my desire to expose him to a variety of complex, unusual musical styles in the joyful family atmosphere that I experienced. Merry Music Makers became the fruition of that search.

MMM is an extension of the musical family environment I grew up in. From our early childhood music classes to our private lessons and our summer camp, we aim to inspire every family to create a joyful, musical environment in their home with their children.

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