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Share the music by bringing a friend to class next week!

Our first ever Bring-A-Friend week is Jan. 19-24

You've already discovered the Merry Music Makers difference, so share it with your friends! Making new friends in music class is part of the experience, but sharing it with other friends will make it even better.

Simply forward this note to your friends or post on your Facebook page:

Join me and [insert little one's name] for music class next week [insert time, date, location] to make some music and have some fun! It's free for your family to check it out. Just sign-up here or call them at 773-929-4MMM. Check out their website for details and read their Yelp reviews to see why parents have given them a 5-star rating.

"You cannot go wrong with a class or a teacher at MMM. I'm a professional musician, and I'm blown away by how much actual musical skill and knowledge they are imparting. This is not just a sing-a-long exercise -- kids are really learning music fundamentals and having so much fun while doing so. Highly, highly recommended!"

--E.C., from Yelp review

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