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A Day at Sing & Swim Camp

We have been getting some questions from interested parents about how we actually see the music and swimming parts of the day working together, so we thought we would give a glimpse into a sample day at camp. After reading this, it's likely that you will be a bit jealous of all the fun that your child will have, but we do have to cap the age limit at 8yo. Sorry!

STRING DAY 9am Music Craft - make a box violin 9:40 Welcome song circle and Story ​T​ime with ​Zin Zin Zin a Violin​ by Lloyd Moss​ 10am Movement: kids learn a dance to music featuring the violin 10:30 Music Game: freeze tag 10:​45​ ​Snack ​T​ime​!​ 11am Guest ​A​rtist: cellist Katie Serafin performs 11:15 ​Instrument Time - ​kids get a chance to try the c​ello ​and other string instruments 11:45 Box Violin ​​C​ircle​​ and Good Bye Song

12pm Lunch time

12:30 Playtime at the park

1pm Head inside to change for swimming

1:15 Swim Instruction Time -- Kids split up into groups by skill level

2pm Free Time/Guided Play in the Pool

2:45 Kids head to the locker room to change for pick-up

3pm Pick-up time

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