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Gift music, over stuff

Give a child the gift of music making

What better gift can you give a little one than the chance to make music with one of their favorite grown-ups? This is a gift that can last a lifetime by inspiring a love of music and giving the child the capacity to make music. These are such simple gifts, but ones that truly last.

Even big kids can use a gift cards to learn an instrument, take a group class, or take part in one of our summer camps.

Gift cards are available in many different amounts:

  • $225 buys one child a semester of Music Together classes ($360 for a family with 2+ kids).

  • $32 buys 30 minutes of private instrument instruction.

  • $245 buys one week of summer music camp.

Once we receive your order for a gift card, we will contact you to confirm the recipient's name and information. We can email or mail your gift certificate with a special note from you.

Buy one today!

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