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Big kids can make music with us too!

Classes start this week, so check out a free trial class

Meet an instrument, sing your heart out and move to the beat!

FEEL THE BEAT! Building on what kids have learned in Music Together classes, students explore rhythm, pitch and improvisation through movement. Your body is actually your musical instrument! Kids experience how music feels through playful activities that incorporate percussion instruments, creative movement, and singing Solfege—do, re, mi, fa sol!

Free trial class on Thursday, 4pm in Lakeview

MEET THE INSTRUMENTS Is your child curious about the fascinating world of musical instruments? In this class, students are introduced to a new instrument each week through a balance of observation and interactive participation and will even create and take home a craft version of each one.

Free trial class on Friday, 4pm in Lakeview

UKULELE GROUP CLASS Ukulele is a great introductory instrument for little hands. Students in this group class learn proper uke playing position, how to tune their uke, the C Major chord family as well as hello, goodbye and other songs they can play and sing along too. Tuition includes a ukulele!

Free trial class on Saturday, 12pm in Lakeview

MEET THE VIOLIN If your 3 to 6 year-old is interested in the violin, then this class will give them a taste of the violin through games, crafts, and skill development. Students will craft a box violin on the first day of class to use during this 6-week course. At the end of the session, you should have a good idea whether your child wants to continue with private lessons.

Free trial class on Sunday, 11am in Lakeview

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