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Which Instrument Should My Child Learn?

The benefits of learning to play music are abounding for children. From improving fine motor skills to building a foundation for future academic success, multiple studies have proven that there are many reasons to take music classes or lessons.

If you have a young child, you may be wondering how or where to begin. Helping your child decide which instrument is a good fit for them is an excellent way to get started. Ask your child questions to find out what they like best. Play them music featuring different instruments and see what they gravitate to. Our Meet the Instruments group class can introduce them to a variety of instruments to see which fits best.

Do you want your child to be able to expand their skill set in the future, so they can master multiple instruments? If so, try starting them off on the piano. Are you looking for something a little easier and less expensive? The ukulele might just be the perfect fit. You can also walk your child through this fun quiz from TakeLessons, which will help you decide which instrument is best suited for him or her!

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