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Is your child interested in learning an instrument?

Explore their curiosity in class or private lessons!

Now that the school year is underway, it's the perfect time for your big kid to try out a new instrument that may inspire a lifelong love of music.

Group classes are now forming!

Sign-up for a free trial class next week, so that your child can try out an instrument in class! Many parents start with a group class for their 4-6yo which could lead to private lessons, if there's interest.


Jumping right into private lessons is the right answer for children over the age of 6 and those who are pretty sure which instrument they're interested in pursuing.

We can make it simpler to sample right now when you take advantage of our Back-to-School special with 6 lessons for $198 by Sept 30. There's no commitment after the initial 6 weeks, though our teachers are pretty amazing at keeping children excited about continuing their studies. Sign-up for a free trial lesson today!

Rest assured that you do not need to rent or purchase an instrument straight away. The Suzuki violin method that our teacher uses recommends that students begin with a box violin that they make during their first lesson. Student guitars and ukuleles are quite reasonably priced to purchase and your teacher can recommend which ones to buy.

Email us with any questions or to find a lesson time that works for your child!

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