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Now Offering 2 Spanish Music Classes!

The big news is that we have more music classes in Spanish available at more locations and on more days than ever before!

You can take a Spanish music class 6 days of the week at 4 different locations from one of our two amazing teachers: Ms. Joelle and Ms. Kristen. Both of these family classes are accessible to todo el mundo—everyone—regardless of your level of Spanish-language proficiency! They each have a different approach to incorporating Spanish into class.

What are the differences? Let us break it down for you.

1. Music Together con Espanol® offers a bilingual approach to the popular, research-based curriculum that includes a mix of folk songs from America and around the globe. Ms. Kristen explores the same music as the rest of the Music Together classes, but about half of the music is sung in Spanish. Families receive a CD plus digital access to the semester’s songs recorded in a mixture of Spanish and English, as well as the English-language songbook and a booklet with the Spanish lyrics.

2. Puedo Cantar! fully immerses infants to 5-year-olds into the sounds of Latino culture with Ms. Joelle, a native Spanish speaker. Sing, dance and play along to the irresistible sounds and rhythms of Spanish speaking countries. Each class is designed based on the recommendations of early childhood music researchers, though your child won't know it as they are moving to the beat and singing in Spanish! A list of songs, their translation and a streaming playlist will be given to the families for music-making at home.

Winter Session begins the week of January 13 with 10 weeks of singing together in our classroom communities! We cap the number of children in each class to ensure that everyone enjoys a high-quality musical experience with room to move! Winter is our most popular session of the year, and certain classes are almost full, so please register soon!

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