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5 tips for a successful online music class!

We have all loved seeing you and your little ones in our online classes waving at us, singing along and moving to the beat. It's given us that connection that we've been missing. We have also loved seeing the actual musical development continue as they participate at home with their most important music teacher--you!

The parents and caregivers are what really make this online class work and we love seeing your engagement on screen. When you take the time to follow the teacher's lead, you keep your child engaged. Even if they wander around a bit or lose focus for a while, they come back, just like in our regular classes :)

As we've experimented with different ways of teaching online, we've also been observing you guys at home and have come up with some suggestions for making the online class work even better at home.

  1. Choose a space for music class that is as free of distractions as possible. Toys, snacks and keyboards can distract little ones, so try to hide them or put them away before class starts.

  2. Try sitting on the floor with your little one(s), so it has a similar feel to our regular classes. Routine is so important to these little humans!

  3. Getting the Zoom feed on your TV is ideal to get that immersive feel, though a tablet or laptop work too. Consider using additional/bluetooth speakers so singing together sounds more natural.

  4. Please try to make sure that your child is as clothed as possible. We've seen some scantily clad kiddos on screen and it can be distracting to the other kids and teachers :)

  5. One minor thing--please refrain from using a virtual background, because it takes up a bunch of extra bandwidth, which can slow things down.

The new Class Video Vault is up and running on our website and families who are enrolled in Spring Session can access it any time by logging their MMM account! Each teacher will be adding videos to the vault and there are coloring and activity sheets available as well.

We really appreciate you learning with us as we go along during this surreal time. If you have any feedback about how things are going so far, please email or call (773-929-4666) Camille at the main studio.

Thank you for supporting your teacher and local music school!

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