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An Afternoon at the Enrichment+Activity Pod

After the school day, your child can get moving, play with other kids, and explore music through crafts, stories, games, movement, and songs. During this 6-week afterschool program, your child can join 9 or fewer other 4 to 9-year-olds to spend half of their afternoon discovering more about music and the other half in the pool with the instructors at Edgewater Athletic Club!

A typical day after school would include our health safety standards and look something like this:

3:00 Check-in at the front desk to join in free play with puzzles, blocks, and other interactive games.

3:30 Music class begins with a presentation about string instruments and performance by a cellist, followed by a chance to play a violin and a reading of Zin, Zin, Zin a Violin.

4:15 Snack and break time with a transition to the pool!

4:45 Swim lessons begin and go for 45 minutes of play and instruction.

5:30 Either parents pick-up their kids or aftercare begins with more free play.

Learn more about this new program that aims to be the perfect complement to remote learning!

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