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Classes for Babies?

Merry Music Makers offers Babies Only, Mixed-Aged, and Con Español Music Together® classes seven days a week in multiple locations.

Babies are natural-born music-makers and ready to start at birth!

Before children play music, children need to play with music. Children, including babies, learn through play. One day, they'll be able to play music the grownup way, but in early childhood they need to simply play. Before the age of 8 months, infants play primarily by exploring the world with their senses (such as when a child puts an egg shaker in his mouth) and interacting with their primary caregivers (such as when a child sounds a note and you sing it back to him).

Each time your child engages in music play with you, they're learning volumes about music -- and the key is that they're playing with you. At this age, interactive play happens most effectively within a child's 'attachment relationship' so the more you coo, babble, shake, peek-a-boo, and otherwise play musically with your baby, the more he will learn.

Our mixed-age Music Together® classes help children of all ages: babies, toddlers, preschoolers, and big kids discover their inner music-maker by playing with the grownups they love. Our group music and movement classes support early childhood development, learning through play.

In our Babies Only classes, caregivers are continuously engaging with their babies by tapping the beat on their bodies, singing to them, and engaging them visually. Babies are in what is referred to as the sensorimotor stage of development, a term coined by Piaget. They use their senses combined with motor activities to interact with and learn from the environment through touch, hearing and vision.

In babies' brains, neural pathways are like hiking trails--the more the pathways are used, the clearer and more established they will be. By providing a rich music environment for our babies, we are helping their brains to establish strong music pathways that they will be able to 'hike on' and continue developing over and over throughout their lives.

Which class is best for you and your child, Mixed-Aged or Babies? Honestly, whichever one fits your schedule best! We have one Babies Only class on Wednesdays in Lincoln Square at 1pm and the majority of our 11am and 11:30am classes are our “unofficial” babies classes as that corresponds nicely to baby naps!

Preview our Summer 2023 Schedule here, try a free demo, or sign up for the class that works best for you.

Unlimited make-ups, unlimited fun!

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