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Countdown the reasons to make music in class!

There are so many reasons for making music with your little one in music--the benefits are endless! Reap the benefits during Winter session, which starts in just over a week. Preview Week begins in only six days, so you can try out a class.

Here are our top five reasons to join a music class this New Year!

Dancing in music class

5. Community Connections: Families in music class connect through singing, dancing, laughing, and making music together with our children. We all reap the rewards of our shared experience of quality, interactive, device-free time with our child, neighbors, and friends.

4. Singing makes you happy: Singing, especially in a group, releases endorphins and helps you live longer. Read more!

3. Lifelong Learning: We have so much fun in class, it's easy to forget that we're all learning a wide variety of new songs, strengthening our own voices, and helping our children build the basic music skills needed for a lifetime of music-making. Learning to keep a steady beat and sing in tune may sound like child's play, because it is, if learned during early childhood.

2. Flexibility: We know that life gets busy with little ones, so we work with you to make sure that you get the most out of your investment of time and money with a flexible makeup policy. If your schedule changes, we'll work with you to find a new class time.

1. Solid Curriculum: Everything that your teacher does in class as part of their lesson plan has a research-based curriculum supporting it. Solid teaching methods with a curated variety of music all wrapped up in a rich class experience is worth your investment.

If you've read this far, hopefully, you're ready to enroll! Preview Week is your chance to meet a new teacher, check-out a different location or try a new class. Winter Session classes are filling up quickly, so if you already know which class you'd like to attend, register today to secure your child's spot in a class.

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