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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the age range for classes?

The Music Together Mixed Age class is appropriate for children age 5 and younger. The Music Together Babies Only class is for non-mobile children from birth to eight months. We also offer classes for big kids starting at 4yo, such as Meet the Piano, Meet the Ukulele and others that you can learn more about here.

What happens in a Music Together class?

Singing, dancing and playing with instruments!

The 45-minute class includes a dozen music experiences ranging from playful free-movement to instrumental jam sessions to songs and chants in unusual tonalities and meters as found in other cultures. Read more here!

Why do you only offer classes in sessions?

We have a number of reasons for running classes in sessions. Here are the top 3.

  1. Research shows that real music development happens when little ones are comfortable in their surroundings and are surrounded by familiar faces.

  2. Attending the same class time with the same teacher each week allows both you and your child to get to know your teacher and get comfortable with each other.

  3. Socialization! The more you attend the same class, the more connections you and your child can make with other families in the neighborhood on a weekly basis.

How are you different from other music programs for children?

Our teachers are trained in early childhood music education to teach Music Together, a research-based developmentally appropriate curriculum. Check out our Yelp reviews to learn more. Here is an excerpt:

“I feel like MMM is truly a musical education class - not a soundtrack that the kids dance along to. As someone who has played piano for over 10 years, I really appreciate that and would rather spend my money on a class that is truly educating my son.” -Alicia K.

What is a good age to start Music Together class with my baby?

As soon as possible! We know that children learn to talk by listening and imitating their adults, so that’s why we talk to them even when they can’t yet understand. We believe the same is true for how little ones learn music! So, singing and dancing with your child from birth is just as beneficial.

May I schedule a makeup class?

Families are allowed as many make-up classes as needed during any given session. Music Together classes can be made-up at any location on any day of the week. These can be scheduled by reaching out to the main office via phone or email or by using our online make-up scheduler.

Please note: Make-ups are NOT transferable between semesters.

Do you do birthday parties?

Yes! Please check out our page that talks all about the parties that we host at our Main Studio on Ravenswood Avenue. Some teachers may also lead a sing-along at your own event upon request.

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