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Hello to Ms. Joelle!

We're excited to welcome our newest teacher to class tomorrow when Ms. Joelle leads her first Puedo Cantar! class here in Lakeview, which you can try for free. Her full schedule starts next week with four weekly classes at three locations when Winter Session gets underway.

Ms. Joelle plays guitar
Joelle Mendoza

Puedo Cantar! fully immerses infants to 5-year-olds into the sounds of Latino culture. You can sing, dance and play along to the irresistible sounds and rhythms of Spanish speaking countries with Ms. Joelle. Each class is designed based on the recommendations of early childhood music researchers, though your child won't know it as they are moving to the beat and singing in Spanish!

This class is accessible to todo el mundo—everyone—regardless of your level of Spanish-language proficiency. Not to mention that exposing your little one to Spanish and music in one class is like a 2-for-1, in terms of benefiting their brain development over time :)

As for Ms. Joelle, she grew up in Santiago, Chile where she sang in choirs from the age of 6 onwards. She also played the cello, guitar and piano from a young age. Her fondest childhood memories all center around music. After receiving a degree in theater from Middlebury College (VT) she moved to Chicago. She has spent several years performing as an actor and improviser while working in early childhood education at Near North Montessori School.

Our other Spanish music class is Music Together con Espanol®. It offers a bilingual approach to the popular curriculum that includes a mix of folk songs from America and around the globe. Ms. Kristen explores the same music as the rest of the Music Together classes, but about half of the music is sung in Spanish. 

Enroll now to ensure the widest selection of class times with your favorite teacher. 

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