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Is your child ready to learn an instrument?

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One question that we get asked quite often is "What is the right age for a child to start learning an instrument?" The short answer is that it depends on the child and their current stage of music development.

In general, by about age 5, most children are ready to learn any instrument that we offer: piano, violin, guitar, percussion, ukulele, and voice. But when they're younger than that, we like to figure out where they're at in gaining basic music competence: the ability to keep a steady beat in their body and sing in tune independently.

The goal of our Music Together group classes for ages 5 and under is to reach basic music competence in a fun, play-based setting using our research-based curriculum. If your child is under the age of 5 and hasn't tried a Music Together class yet, we strongly recommend that you check one out for free to see what we're talking about! It would also give one of our teachers a chance to check your child's basic music competence.

Our lesson teachers can tell when they get a new student who has had Music Together classes because they have already developed that natural framework for relating to rhythm and melody.

For children over 5, we are happy to consider them for a place in our private lessons program. There are many places that offer private lessons, but what sets us apart is our teachers who specialize in introducing little ones to instruments. They know how to make learning an instrument joyful and while developing their ability to focus with loads of kindness and patience. Not to mention that they are seasoned teaching artists who can teach at all levels, but especially enjoy working with young children.

Please note that if your child begins private lessons with no prior musical experience, there will most likely be a significant portion of the initial lessons spent developing basic music competence, alongside the introduction to the instrument. This is to ensure they have a strong musical foundation for wherever their future journey in music takes them.

If you'd like to talk about your child's readiness for lessons or schedule a free trial lesson, please email us ( or call 773-929-4666.

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