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Looking for ways to support your local music school this holiday season?

Gift cards, enrollments, and reviews are all super helpful!

Thank you all for supporting our music school during this turbulent year when we made joyful music with so many little ones. We welcome your continued support in any of these ways!

1. Share the joy of music with a gift card

Buying a gift card for a friend could be a great way of encouraging them to join a class with you :) You could also let other family members know how much your little one loves their weekly music class. We get a lot of grandparents who love to chip in for music class! Also, if you're unsure when you'd like to rejoin class, you can purchase a gift card of any amount for a future group class, private lessons, or summer camp.

2. Enroll in a winter session class

Our teachers would love nothing more than to welcome you and your child to a winter session Music Together class that starts on January 10 and runs for 10 weeks at our locations in Lakeview, Andersonville, Roscoe Village, and Edgewater. Secure your child's spot today so that you can get the class that fits your schedule!

3. Support your teacher by writing a review

Whether you have money to spend or not, please consider writing a review on social media. Whether it's a review on our Facebook page or a pic of your little one with a comment on your feed, we welcome your support and our teachers love reading any review you're willing to share

Thank you for supporting your community music school and teachers!

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