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Mask-wearing in music class

As a local music school, we're doing our best to keep up with the changing recommendations from health officials and changing preferences of our community members. We've read the official guidance from scientists and surveyed our community.

After gathering all of this information and giving this topic a great deal of thought, we've decided to move to a policy of recommended mask-wearing for most of our indoor classes. To accommodate those that feel unsafe without a mask, we will be maintaining a limited number of classes where masks will still be required. Outdoor classes are going to be mask optional. You can see the full list of classes here.

We hope that this blended approach to mask-wearing allows each family to have options for a class where they can feel safe and comfortable.

It's worth acknowledging that our teachers and community members have vastly different views on this topic, so we appreciate your cooperation as we navigate this changing situation together.

If you'd like to read our entire Safety Plan that we continue to update, please click here.

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