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Meet the Ukulele classes are starting!

There's still time to join our Fall Classes!

Music Together classes are underway this Fall and some still have room for your little one to join the music-making outdoors or in the classroom. These classes set the stage for learning an instrument by helping children develop the ability to sing in tune and keep a steady beat in their bodies.

Some children may be inspired to take their burgeoning musical skills to the next level by learning to play an instrument. One of the easiest and simplest instruments to get started with is the ukulele! It's already child-size and has only 4 strings that little fingers can handle.

Mr. Daniel will teach 3-7 year-olds the basics in the Meet the Ukulele group class on Thursday afternoons at our main studio. Children will learn how to hold the instrument, scales, melodies, chords, and strum patterns.

The 8-week course starts this week, though we would welcome children to join in the coming week as well. We are limiting the class size to make sure that we can keep our distance. Our safety plan requires everyone above the age of 2 to wear a mask during class, so that we can create a safe learning environment.

If you're not into the idea of group class right now, please know that Mr. Daniel is also accepting new private lessons students. Simply reply to this email to learn more.

We hope to see your child in class soon!

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