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Music classes for big kids are starting soon!

Choose from these class offerings

Meet the Beat | Meet the Ukulele | Meet the Violin

INTRODUCE your big kid to an instrument! These group music classes offer older children the chance to begin developing the tools they will need to be successful at learning instruments. Building on what kids have absorbed in Music Together classes, 3 to 7-year-olds explore the basics of an instrument, plus more advanced rhythm and pitch skills through playful activities.

Our goal is to joyfully facilitate the creation of solid musical foundations that could be the stepping stone to private instruction in an instrument so that they can continue on their lifelong musical journey. Learn more about the specific instrument classes.

Sign-up for one of the free trial classes that we're offering during this coming Preview Week. You may also sign-up for the session to secure your child's spot in the 6-week session starting the week of February 21.

If you are wondering whether your little one is ready for the next class after Music Together, please read our recent blog post, reach out to your teacher, or call us at our office to talk.

In these small group classes (max 8 kids) we'll be using the same Safety Plan that has allowed us to stay free of any COVID transmissions. Our vaccinated teachers have kept our community of families safe by limiting capacities, keeping our distance, masking, requiring vaccinations of all students above the age of 5, and enhancing cleaning protocols.

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