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Register for Spring Session!

Sing out loud, dance with joy, meet your neighbors and create lasting memories with your little one when you join our community of music-making families. Research shows that little ones develop their musical abilities by watching and imitating their favorite grown-ups. When you sing and dance in music class, you'll both benefit since we know that singing releases endorphins!

Spring Session begins the week of April 13. We cap the number of children in each class to ensure that everyone enjoys a high-quality musical experience with room to move! Popular class times tend to fill up quickly, so please make sure to register soon. One class is already full and a few classes that only have a couple of seats left!

In our popular Music Together classes, we'll learn the 25 songs of the Maracas Collection. Tuition includes your copy of the new songbook that has beautiful color illustrations for each song, a CD, and online access to the music.

First child: $225, Second child: $145, Third child: free. Also, if your toddler is enrolled in class, your new baby is free until they are 8-months-old.

Enroll now to ensure the widest selection of class times with your favorite teacher.

If you haven't tried a class for free yet, please sign-up today!

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