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Spring Session begins online April 13!

All of us here at Merry Music Makers hope that you've enjoyed our first foray into online teaching as much as we have! We've been hosting Facebook Live classes in our private Facebook group for the last week and still have another week of live classes running through April 11. You can sing, dance and play with your little one when you join the group for $30, though those who enroll in Spring and/or Winter Session can enjoy it for no extra charge.

Speaking of Spring Session, we can't wait to dive into the new Maracas Song collection with a new songbook, CD, and download code for a couple of dozen new songs to sing! We'll be starting class the week of April 13 at your regular class time, with your favorite teacher and your familiar classmates, but on the Zoom platform! We'll transition back to meeting in-person as soon as it's safe to do so.

If you've taken classes in real life with us before, then you know how highly we value the participation of grown-ups in class. We believe that the little ones learn best when they see their grown-up modeling the musical behaviors that the teacher is leading. This becomes even MORE important when the class is online. Little ones are much more likely to participate, learn, and watch when you're following the teacher's lead by getting silly, singing and moving to the beat.

If you need more reasons to join us, please take a listen to Susan Darrow, the CEO of Music Together, tell you more about the new online program below. Afterwards, I hope that you'll consider enrolling for Spring Session, which will include unlimited make-ups and a bonus week for a total of 11 weeks. Because we want to have as much time as possible to meet in person after this craziness has passed. And it will pass. When it does, let's celebrate together in our classroom communities!

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