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Spring Session begins online this week!

We never imagined that teaching online could be so much fun or so well received by the families who have participated. It's been such a joy to connect with our families online and we're really looking forward to having an opportunity to interact even more this week when we start Spring Session on Zoom!

Singing and dancing with all of our families in person is the ultimate goal, so we have extended the session to 11 weeks at no extra charge so that we have as much opportunity as possible to meet when it's safe to do so. But for now, we're making the best of the situation by making music online and learning the 20+ new songs in the Maracas Collection with a new songbook, CD, and download code!

Another cool thing about this online experience is that you'll have access to a video vault of new classes each week that you can access outside of your assigned Zoom class time. Each teacher will upload one class each week, so you'll have 6 fresh classes a week to check out in the vault.

If you enroll online, you'll see that we still have classes listed by location and time to make the transition back to the classroom simpler. It also helps us to keep our classroom communities intact and of a manageable size online, so everyone can have a chance to connect with their teacher and friends before and/or after class.

If you've taken classes in real life with us before, then you know how highly we value the participation of grown-ups in class. We believe that the little ones learn best when they see their grown-up modeling the musical behaviors that the teacher is leading. This becomes even MORE important when the class is online. Little ones are much more likely to participate, learn, and watch when you're following the teacher's lead by getting silly, singing and moving to the beat.

Please consider enrolling for Spring Session, which includes unlimited make-ups and a bonus week 11, so we have as much time as possible to meet in person after this craziness has passed. And it will pass. When it does, let's celebrate together in our classroom communities!

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