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The Holiday Sing-along Finale is this Weekend

Sunday, December 18, 4pm

Philadelphia Church, Andersonville

Celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa

Buy your ticket for the Holiday Sing-along Finale where we will gather as a community to join our voices together in singing the songs that we're learning in class. Even if you're not enrolled in a class, you can still enjoy the festive tunes at this family-friendly gathering.

Invite family and friends to join us at this holiday celebration where each of our talented teachers will take turns leading the group in singing, moving to the beat, and jamming along to our favorite tunes from the Holiday Sing-along playlist.

This hour-long event is $25 per family and space will be limited to make sure that we safely have enough room to move, so please secure your ticket today. While we welcome children of all ages, those under the age of 7 tend to enjoy our music the most :)

If you can't join us for this celebration, please consider supporting our school and your child's music development by either buying a gift card, or encouraging your family to buy one for your child. We can send you a PDF to put under the tree and we'll see you after the new year when our winter session begins on January 9th!

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