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Why don't we offer drop-ins?

As the executive director of Merry Music Makers, I get this question WAY more frequently than I used to. In this increasingly hectic world, there are so many immediate demands on our time as parents. As a mom, I'm always trying to fit our kids' activities into our schedules. It's tempting to see an open spot on the calendar and think about filling it with a music class--that'll be fun! Which is true! But there's more to it than that. Come to a free trial class, and we'll tell you more in person.

The real reason we don't offer drop-ins is that our classes are more than just a fun activity--there is real learning going on! All of our trained music educators create their lesson plans based on a research-based curriculum. Each song and activity that they lead has a purpose--to help your child reach their basic music competence, which is the ability to independently keep a beat in their body and sing in tune. I know this sounds super basic because it is. But it's surprising to me how many kids don't achieve this milestone by the time they're in grade school.

Reaching your basic music competence takes time. The play-based learning we offer can't even start happening until your child is comfortable with their environment. We've found that some kids only take 2-3 times to feel familiar with their surroundings, while others take more. This is part of why routine is SO important to young children. They need to explore the physical space and get to know their teacher and the people surrounding them. Only once this has happened can they really be comfortable and receptive to the learning that takes place each week.

This is a pretty long response to a simple question. The answer is that we don't offer drop-ins because we can't educate your child that way or create a community of neighbors who know each other and look forward to singing together each week.

That said, we do offer a free trial class to each and every child and have an extremely flexible class make-up policy. Just check out our Facebook page to see all of the rave reviews from parents who have made music class a part of their weekly plans throughout the year and then join them in song!

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