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Winter Session Classes Start This Week!

We've added a new location in Lincoln Square to serve our growing community

PLAY + SING in Music Together® classes that get your family moving to the beat! Your teacher will lead your classroom community in an engaging, joyful class where the grown-ups show the little ones how to make music by simply singing and dancing together.

Research shows that little ones learn how to speak and sing by watching and listening to the grown-ups around them, so let's all have some fun showing them how it's done! The little ones will have such a good time that they won't even realize that they're learning :)

Sign-up for our 10-week Winter Session that begins January 9 at one of our 4 locations, including our new Lincoln Square location!

One great thing about offering classes at 4 different locations is that it offers you extra flexibility for scheduling. We offer unlimited make-ups, which means when you miss your normal class, you can use our online scheduler to grab an available spot in a different class any day of the week at any of our locations in Lakeview, Andersonville or Lincoln Square.

We love seeing the community that builds in the classroom over time as the teacher, kids, and grownups get to know each other. It's one of the main reasons that we run classes in session! But we also know that life with little ones requires extra flexibility. If you need to, you can switch your regular class time to a different one--just ask!

This winter we'll explore 25 fresh songs from Music Together's Sticks Collection, which includes a curated mix of music from around the world alongside familiar folk tunes.

In addition to your weekly classes, your tuition for any Music Together class includes the illustrated songbook for you to use at home and access to the songs through the app and a CD.

We'd love to welcome you to class soon!

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