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"Our son had a wonderful experience at the music camp. He learned a lot and had a great time every day. I would highly recommend the camp to anyone looking for a summer activity that will engage children in true learning in a very low-key, child-friendly way. This is exactly what summer programming should be.  We can't wait to go back next summer!"

   -Susan B., Yelp

Summer Jam & Instruments

Camp for kids ages 4 to 8 in Lakeview


Campers spend the first half of their day exploring music and after lunch at the park, they enjoy a mix of free time and hands-on instrument classes. 

Designed to introduce children to the world of sound, Summer Jam is an enriching, fun camp that offers hands-on experiences with instruments and introduces campers to sounds from around the world. Kids learn through all of the senses as they explore music through movement, books, games, art and more! Each week we explore a different theme: Our Orchestra, Our World, and Our Nation.  See below for explanations.

Camps are led by teachers who foster a creative learning environment and bring in professional guest musicians each day for visits that add perspective and knowledge. At noon campers take their lunches to the park--weather permitting.

After lunch and recess, campers return to the studio for a mix of free time and small group introductions to specific instruments: piano, guitar, violin, drums, and ukulele. While one group of campers has free time with games, crafts, and books, the others learn about the instrument of the day in a small group. Read about a sample day.

LOCATION      Lakeview Studio

HOURS            MON-FRI. Drop-off begins at 8:45 AM. 

                              HALF DAY: 9AM-12PM

                              FULL-DAY 9AM-3PM                                 

                                    One extra hour of care for $40/week.

                                    Half-day students can stay for lunch at the park.

                                    Full-day students stay until 4pm


Explore the world of symphonic music by being introduced to the four families of the orchestra: strings, woodwinds, brass and percussion.



Meet the sounds and rhythms of different continents and cultures, from Latin America and Europe, to Asia and Africa.


Meet the unique sounds of our own country this week where we visit different types of music from folk to R&B and musical theater, to jazz and rock.


Aug. 17-21               Our Nation

Aug. 24-28               Our World

Aug. 31-Sept 4        Our Orchestra


HALF DAYS    1 KID          2 KIDS 

1 WEEK           $240           $455

2 WEEKS         $455           $885

Savings of $25 for each extra week and child.

FULL DAYS     1 KID          2 KIDS 

1 WEEK           $450           $875

2 WEEKS         $875           $1,700

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