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  summer jam camp  

"Our son had a wonderful experience at camp. He learned a lot and had a great time every day. I would highly recommend the camp to anyone looking for a summer activity that will engage children in true learning in a very low-key, child-friendly way. This is exactly what summer programming should be.  We can't wait to go back next summer!"

   -Susan B., Yelp

A full-day camp for kids ages 4 to 9 in Lakeview


During this week-long camp, kids spend their day exploring the performing arts in a playful, enriching environment.


Your child can explore the world of the performing arts in an enriching, fun program that offers hands-on experiences with instruments and introduces them to arts from around the world. Colorful props, books, games, and music will enable each learner to dive into the material to make it their own. In the theater and dance studio, they will develop their imagination, mind-body and critical thinking skills through collaborative storytelling.

Campers engage their creativity and learn through all of the senses by discovering more about music, theater, art, dance and more! You can read more below about the weekly themes:

Our Orchestra, Our World, Our Nation, and Our City.


Our Orchestra

Explore the world of symphonic music by being introduced to the four families of the orchestra: strings, woodwinds, brass and percussion.


Our World

Meet the sounds and rhythms of different continents and cultures, from Latin America and Europe, to Asia and Africa.

Our Nation

Meet the unique sounds of our own country this week where we visit different types of music from jazz to musical theater, and country to rock.

Our City

Dive into the sights and sounds of Chicago when we explore the city's music and moves from blues to folk, and house to soul.


June 19-23          Our Orchestra

June 26-30          Our World

July 10-14           Our Nation

July 17-21           Our City

July 24-28           Our Orchestra

July 31-Aug 4     Our World

Aug 7-11             Our Nation

Aug 14-18           Our City


Mon-Fri, 9a-3p.

Drop-off begins at 8:45.


                        1 KID          2 KIDS 

1 WEEK           $475           $925

2 WEEKS         $925           $1375


Half-day at The Rooted Space

1803 W Byron St. Suite 201

Half-day at Merry Music Makers

3759 N Ravenswood Ave, Suite 119

Save $25 on each extra child and week. 

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